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F45 Training Coming Soon to Woodforest

F45 Training Coming Soon to Woodforest

November 27, 2018

How many minutes per day does it take to burn calories, build muscle and stay healthy? Would you believe 45? You will when F45 opens in The Shops at Woodforest next spring!

Originating in Australia, the training method combines interval, cardiovascular and strength training in 45-minute workouts designed to burn fat and build muscle. The franchise has more than 800 studios worldwide including locations in West University, Missouri City, Katy, Spring, The Woodlands, Richmond and Cypress.

The concept is as simple as the name. The “F” stands for functional, the “45” for the total time it takes to complete one of the high-intensity, circuit-training workout classes offered daily. Circuits are based on everyday movements and utilize multiple muscle groups.

The company has developed more than 27 different workouts from a database of more than 3,000 different exercises. While the same class is offered several times a day, no two days are alike, making every workout a unique experience.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about memorizing the moves. The studio will have televisions that demonstrate the daily workouts. Trainers (typically one to three per class) will offer help and form adjustment throughout class. And the best part? Each workout burns up to 1,000 calories!

The Woodforest facility will be located at Woodforest Parkway and Fish Creek Thoroughfare, and we are really looking forward to getting our sweat on! Visit the 45 Woodforest Facebook page for updates and information.