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Sizzling Summer Savings

Sizzling Summer Savings

July 17, 2018

Ready to take the plunge and buy a beautiful new home in Trinity Falls? We have sizzling summer promotions that will keep some green in your wallet and have you chilling all year long.

Meritage Homes

Buy now to save now — and for years to come — with Meritage Homes. Purchase a new home by July 19 and get a 2.875 percent interest rate for the first two years of your mortgage. What does that mean? It means you will save hundreds on your mortgage payments. But remember, time is of the essence!

Plantation Homes

It’s mid-summer and we could sure use something to cool the entire state down. Lacking that, Plantation Homes is offering a great way to cool down your electric bills. Purchase any Plantation home by July 31 and the builder will pay your electric bills for two years. And with Plantation’s commitment to constructing the most energy-efficient homes ever, you’ll save every summer after that.

Highland Homes

Do you need to worry about closing costs? Not if you buy a Highland home using the builder’s preferred lender. Just finance your home with Highland Loans through July 31 and get up to $10,000 toward your closing costs. That’s like money in the bank.

Chill with Us

Are you looking for a community with a chill vibe, where everyone knows your name and the day’s stress just melts away when you walk through your front door? We’ve got what you are looking for. At Trinity Falls, every day feels like a vacation day. Splash in our beach-entry pool, hang out on our sunset terrace or take the dog out for a playdate in our soon-to-open dog park. We’re relaxation personified, and we’re waiting for you!