Community Foundations

Elevating Neighborhoods with a Purpose to a New Level

Your Community Foundation Committees - Johnson Development.

One of the most innovative ways for residential developments to give back to the community is through the formation of Community Foundation Committees, what we at Johnson Development call — YCFC, for short.

Each time a home is sold; a community fee or foundation fee (.25%-1.00% of the sales price of the home) is collected at closing and deposited into that community’s YCFC account.

YCFC funds help elevate our neighborhoods to a new level — above and beyond the boundaries of a traditional community association.

Since 1999, millions of dollars have gone back into our neighborhoods through the sponsorship of unique programs, activities, and enhancements in and around all Johnson Development communities.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given to local schools to fund educational endeavors, enhance playground equipment, and provide technology in the classrooms.

YCFC has also supported non-profit organizations like — museums, parks, and animal rescue groups — that help elevate our communities.

Scouts have received support to help finish neighborhood Eagle Projects. And even families enduring the stress of caring for a child with a debilitating disease have received funds to help alleviate a bit of financial stress.

YCFC is one of the many ways Johnson Development is Giving Back.