Making Sustainability a priority

Communities that celebrate life today and for generations to come.

At Johnson Development, we operate through a lens of creating sustainable communities that preserve our natural resources as much as possible and allowing our residents to live within a cleaner environmental footprint.

Tree preservation is a priority, both in Johnson communities and out.

Johnson Development is an ardent supporter of the Arbor Day Foundation, dedicated to a greener future for everyone.

Through preservation and aggressive planting regimens, Johnson Development has saved or planted nearly two million trees in our communities.

We have also gone to great efforts to save old-growth trees, but when that is deemed not possible, trees have even been turned into sculptures, park benches or for other uses.

Sustainability Education - Riverstone Wetlands Park
Sustainability Education - Riverstone Wetlands Park
Sustainability Education - Riverstone Wetlands Park

Parks in Johnson Development communities reflect a respect for nature.

Just one example is Wetlands Park in Riverstone which is a learning platform for young visitors. The Polishing Pond in Cross Creek Ranch is a 50-acre wildlife habitat that also functions as an engineered water quality basin, filtering water for reuse as irrigation throughout the development.

Creeks, lakes and other waterways have been carefully restored or enhanced, both for the betterment of the environment and for resident use. Native grasses and plants are often used in landscaping, reducing the frequency of watering. Plants to attract, feed and shelter birds and butterflies are common in Johnson communities.

Nationally Recognized Sustainability Programs

Viridian in Arlington, TX is a Gold Level Audubon Certified Sanctuary, the highest level of certification from Audubon International. The community implements responsible irrigation practices, beautiful native landscaping, and preservation of the natural surrounding wetlands, attracting a wide variety of birds and wildlife.

Vibrant communities with on-site farms.

Harvest Green and Jordan Ranch both have active farms, with the Village Farm in Harvest Green receiving its organic certification in March 2022.

The presence of the on-site farms encourages residents to learn more about where our food comes from and to grow their own food.

Residents and the public have access to freshly picked, in-season produce at weekly farmers markets hosted in a number of Johnson Development communities.

Jordan Ranch Sunset Farm

Living Your Best Life

Trails for hiking and biking, lakes for catch-and-release fishing, and open space where you can explore and spot wildlife, all promote a connection to nature and foster wellbeing. Staying active and meeting neighbors at community events also contribute to residents’ wellbeing.

Directors of Fun in Johnson communities purposefully plan activities that allow residents to pursue their interests or try new things. On-site churches and schools in Johnson communities not only provide a place to worship and learn, but also offer opportunities to volunteer.

We believe connection, activity, being engaged in your community and giving back all lead to a path of happiness and health. It’s a path you’ll find in every  Johnson Development community.

Grand Central Park Trails
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