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How Many Birds Can You Spot?

How Many Birds Can You Spot?

October 10, 2018

How many bird species make their home in Cross Creek Ranch? Would you believe 127 and counting?

Ebird, an information-gathering website for birdwatchers managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, keeps track of birding hotspots, and we’re one of them. Just last August, the white and glossy ibis were both spotted in one of the open, flat fields in our community.

Ducks, doves, egrets, herons, red-tailed hawks and kingfishers also have been spotted in the wetlands areas surrounding Flewellen Creek and our Polishing Pond. While not all bird species make Cross Creek Ranch their year-round home, it is a regular migratory stop.

The best place to do some birdwatching is from our boardwalk and viewing platforms, which offer 360-degree views of the open water at the Polishing Pond. Here, you also can observe the wetland plants and wildlife that also call Cross Creek Ranch home.

Winding roughly 150 acres through the heart of our community, the restored Flewellen Creek is one of our residents’ most favorite amenities. Created to form “living edges,” the creek continuously welcomes new species of animals — in much the same way we continuously welcome new neighbors.

Learn more about the birds seen in our community at www.ebird.org or download the eBird app.

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