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5 Tips for Great Holiday Pictures

5 Tips for Great Holiday Pictures

November 11, 2018

Have you taken your holiday photos yet? No? Then you better get on it. Even if you’ve already printed the holiday cards, you’ll still need great shots to fill your Facebook and Instagram pages. A great location is our own Trillium Park, which features a babbling brook and a pavilion. As a bonus, it is decorated for the holidays with traditional ornaments, wreaths and nutcrackers.

Here are more tips for getting great holiday pictures:

Decide What You Are Going For

If you want a different look for your holiday cards, decide what you want to do before you do it. Pick your colors, style and layout ahead of time. Spend some time on Pinterest and look over the holiday card templates offered by ShutterflyVistaPrint or Snapfish. You can even use cards you’ve received in the past.

Matching Clothes, Yeah or Nay?

As tempted as you may be to put the family in identical sweaters, consider coordination rather than matching. Chances are your teens will feel embarrassed and you won’t get those great smiles you are after. A general color scheme or seasonal clothes work better. Have some fun but stay away from crazy prints or distracting patterns.

Mix It Up

Once you’re ready to take your photos, consider composition. Lining everyone up in a straight line just isn’t interesting. Have some of your family sitting and some standing. Better yet, have some of them leaning against something. If you can, try to get some candid shots. A picture of your family playing and having fun makes for a great holiday card.

Kid Height is the Best Height

Take photos of your kids at their level. It might be rough getting down on your knees for that perfect shot, but you and your children will be happier with the end result. Older children can sit on a wall as long as they are careful.

Have Fun 

Holiday photos shouldn’t be a chore but in the quest for perfection, we can make it decidedly stressful. Try fun music, tell some jokes (trust us — it’s better than telling everyone to say cheese), take some silly shots with everyone vogueing for the camera. Make it a fun outing. That way, your pictures reflect your real family — not some idealized version of it. 

Grand Central Park is a great backdrop for your family photos and your family’s life. Visit our model homes to see how we can put you in the picture.


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