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Arlington Landfill Completes 22-Acre Capping Project

Arlington Landfill Completes 22-Acre Capping Project

November 20, 2018

Earlier this summer, the Arlington Landfill team shared an update on a significant construction project to place a final cap over 22 acres of the southern and eastern portions of the Landfill. This project included installing a three layer cover soil system including an infiltration layer, erosion layer, and topsoil, incorporating an irrigation system and drainage structures and planting enhanced vegetation and grass.  Since our last update, we have completed this capping project, and vegetation has sprouted, as you can see in the above image.

Additionally, we announced that disposal operations would continue in the northeast portion of the Landfill through the first half of 2019. We shared that until then, landfill activity may be visible and that we are working to keep visibility to a minimum as we complete operations in this section of the Landfill. In late spring 2019, we anticipate migrating our disposal operations to the west, away from the community, and beginning an additional 18-acre capping project to maintain a consistent look across the entire slope. 

Finally, as a good neighbor and responsible operator, our team conducts odor patrols throughout the community each day to ensure the Landfill is not contributing to any potential off-site odor. If the team does detect landfill odor, we work to identify the on-site source and remedy it as quickly as possible. Should you detect odor you believe is attributable to the Landfill, please call us at (817) 354-2305, and we will send a team out to investigate.

We look forward to continuing to provide updates on our operations and upcoming projects. If you have questions or would like to learn more about Arlington Landfill, please visit us online at arlingtonlandfill.com/.