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Leave the Gym, Hit the Trails

Grand Central Park - Leave the Gym, Hit the Trails

March 06, 2019

Staying fit and having fun are not mutually exclusive in Grand Central Park. A prime example being our annual Fit & Fun Fair, showcasing the many ways people can keep their fitness goals on track while trying out exercise classes and enjoying music, food and more. Open to the public, the Fit & Fun Fair happens 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, March 23.

And while residents can also enjoy Fit & Fun Fair activities, they also stay fit with 10+ miles of nature trails they can hike to their hearts’ content. They’ve even come up with ways to turn leisurely strolls into a complete cardio and strength workout. Follow these tips and leave the gym behind:

Be Prepared

You wouldn’t go to the gym without the right shoes and a water bottle, right? Prepare for your hiking workout the same way you would prepare for a day hike. Bring plenty of water, wear the right gear and know your limits. Bring a friend (or Fido) for safety’s sake.

Warm Up

If you plan to use your hike as a full-body workout, you will want to do a thorough warm-up. Focus on dynamic stretches such as walking lunges, jumping jacks and high knees.

Make Use of Your Surroundings

We don’t recommend carrying a set of dumbbells on your hike, but you can make use of your surroundings:

  • Small to medium-sized rocks make great free weights. Large rocks are great for balance. Use them for wall sits and incline push-ups.
  • Fallen logs are perfect for toe taps and box jumps.
  • Trees can also be great for wall sits. If you find a tree with a sturdy limb within reach, you can use it for pull-ups.

Use Your Body

Don’t want to disturb your natural surroundings? That’s okay. Some of the best bodyweight exercises are squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, leg lifts and burpees.

Add a Pack

Consider wearing a pack to add intensity to your workout. The added weight will keep your heart rate elevated from the extra exertion required.

Run, Don’t Walk

Why walk when you can run? Better yet, alternate walking and running for a high-intensity workout that’s also pretty beautiful.

Cool Down

It’s tempting to finish your hike and just go home but it’s still a workout and you should take time to cool down properly. Do static stretches, drink plenty of water and let your heart rate return to normal.

Want more fitness tips, health screenings and more? Join us for the Fit & Fun Fair March 23!

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