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Got Your ‘Paw-some’ Costume Yet?

Cross Creek Ranch - Got Your ‘Paw-some’ Costume Yet?

March 19, 2019

Are you and your pup prepared to “paw-ty” it up at Mutt Strut? Are you sure? Did you pack your pup’s costume?

We’re “raising the woof” 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 13, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 6450 Cross Creek Bend Lane and the contest we are most looking forward to is our canine costume contest. It’s a chance for your fur baby to shine, win a prize and be followed by the picture-taking “pup-a-razzi.” Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered:

Safety First

When choosing a costume for your dog, make your dog’s safety a priority. Avoid costumes that do not fit and that have small components that your dog can choke on.

Costumes that are too heavy can possibly injure your dog or cause your dog to overheat. Your dog should also be able to stand, walk, sit, and lie down as it normally would while wearing the costume.

Pup Personality

Is your pup a lover? An adventurer? A foodie Fido? Pick a costume that fits your pup’s personality. If your dog is protective, dress him up like a police dog or a superhero. (Does anyone remember Underdog?) If your dog is a chow hound try dressing it up as a hot dog or a taco. Got a goofy, mystery-loving mutt? Scooby Doo, of course!

Opposites Attract

Is your dog as big as a house? Why not have fun and dress it up as a mouse? Does your Chihuahua have big dreams? Why not dress it as Napoleon? People love unexpected costumes and dressing your dog as its opposite is guaranteed to leave people with a smile.

Dress the Pack

If you’ve got more than one dog or lots of friends with lots of dogs, consider a group costume. Pick a theme and go to town. Thing 1 and Thing 2 could join the Cat in the Hat. Grab some flannel dog shirts and you’ve got instant “dog-sters.” With enough friends, you could reenact all seven seasons of Game of Thrones in canine form.

Couples Costumes

Speaking of Game of Thrones, why not dress yourself and your dogs? Daenerys and her beloved dragons? Nothing easier than a dog t-shirt with wings sewn on. Ditch your mild-mannered alter egos and come to Mutt Strut as the superheroes you truly are. Batman and Robin. Superman and Lois Lane. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Have fun and don’t skimp on the puns.

Final Tip

Rehearse with your dog. Before Mutt Strut, dress your dog in the costume multiple times. This way, you can see how your dog reacts to the costume and if it fits properly. If your dog shows signs of pacing or excessive panting, paws or claws at the costume, or refuses to move, then the costume is stressing your dog. If that happens, opt to accessorize your dog with bows, collars and headbands instead.

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