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Unleashing Your Dog at the Dog Park

Grand Central Park - Unleashing Your Dog at the Dog Park

May 30, 2019

Anything is “pawsible” when you unleash your dog at the dog park. You’ll both work off some energy and have a chance to make “furever” friends. So, in honor of the opening of our new Frisky Biscuit dog park we’ve put together a few pointers that will help you “raise the woof” with your furry Fido.

Don’t Make a Faux-paw

Before you play, take time to learn dog park etiquette. Rules are usually listed on the gate or a website. Following them ensures that you and your dog have fun with other dogs and their “maws and paws.”

Pack a Doggie Bag

Dog play is hard work so make sure to pack a doggie bag. Include a water dish, treats and a towel (just in case he finds a mud puddle). Frisky Biscuit has watering stations available for your dog but don’t forget to bring a bottle for yourself.

Take Advantage of Special Parks

Great dog parks — like Frisky Biscuit— are divided into a big dog section and a little dog section. This division presents a great opportunity for your dogs to socialize with others their same size.

Bring Balls and Frisbees

What dog doesn’t like to play fetch? Bring tennis balls, frisbees — whatever your dog likes to chase. Bring extras so your pup’s new friends can play too.

Play With “Paw-some” Play Equipment

Dog parks with built-in play equipment are “paw-some!” At Frisky Biscuit our residents can teach their dogs to jump through hoops and run up and down our teeter totter. We’ve also got a tunnel and jumping bones.

Watch All the Dogs Play

It’s fun to watch all the dogs play so keep your phone in your pocket. Make sure your dog is playing appropriately, is safe and if he or she poops, pick it up and dispose of the waste. Also, watch and see if your dog gets along well with another dog — it’s a great opportunity to make future pup playdates.

Have Fun

Remember, the main reason to hang at the dog park is to spend quality time with your pup. Make a point of taking him or her at least once a week. If you make the move to Grand Central Park, Frisky Biscuit is within walking distance of your new home.


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