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Harvest Your Gear at Our New Store

Harvest Green - Harvest Your Gear at Our New Store

September 06, 2019

You can harvest many things in our community — tomatoes, carrots, squash, clothing, hats and towels. Huh?

You heard us. You can now harvest all kinds of great gear at our new Harvest Green online store. This is a big “dill” for us as it gives everyone a chance to show their love for our farm-fresh community with an awesome supply of T-shirts, water bottles, blankets and more. All of our items sport our Harvest Green logo and some items even have cute sayings.

We have two adorable onesies to outfit your future farmer. One says, “freshly picked” and the other says “little sprout.” Love farms? Farm fresh veggies? Our goats? Show the love by wearing our “farm living is the life for me” or “farm sweet farm” tee.

We’ve got other great stuff, too. Heading out to the Harvest Green Farmers Market? Don’t forget your Harvest Green canvas tote bag. Once you’re home why not don our stylish apron and get to work preparing those delicious veggies for dinner in your new Harvest Green kitchen?

We have to say, the pickings at our store are definitely not slim and it’s easy to find exactly what you are looking for. And just so you know, we sell everything at cost and don’t make a profit.

Planning to make the move to Harvest Green? Don’t forget to order a pack of “we’ve moved” postcards so you can let everyone know that farm living is the life for you!

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