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A Day in the Life.....

Grand Central Park - A Day in the Life.....

July 30, 2020

On Saturday morning, GCP resident Eric Wright meets up with his friend and fellow resident Lee Allen. The two head down to nearby Spring Creek Nature Trail or George Mitchell Reserve and spend a few hours riding their mountain bikes.

Meanwhile, Eric’s wife Julie and the couple’s two Blue Heelers, Comet and Stella, will go for a walk. Sometimes they will take an extra-long walk through the wooded areas of  our Grandeur trail system. On other Saturdays, she drives them over to The Woodlands for a nice long walk along the waterway.

When Eric gets home, he’ll play with the dogs. The rest of the day presents numerous possibilities for fun. They could walk down to Deer Lake or head over to Blue Epiphany Vineyards for a glass of wine. Dinner could be cooked at home or at Wasabi Bistro located at our 336 Marketplace.

Just a typical Saturday for this young couple who moved to Grand Central Park two years ago when Eric’s employer ExxonMobil transferred him from Fort Worth to the new campus in Spring.  

Like most of our residents, Eric and Julie were attracted by our outdoor lifestyle.

“Both of us like to be outside,” said Eric. “We like to hike to Deer Lake, Grand Lake, and just the woods in general. Being able to get out and have that right outside our back door was a big selling point for us.”

When the two aren’t traversing our trails, they like to explore W.G. Jones State Forest and Huntsville State Park — both nearby — but they don’t limit their explorations to the great outdoors.

“We like going out to eat and trying new things,” Julie said. “One of the things that’s really cool about the area is that there are a lot of breweries and wineries where we can go and hang out on the back patio. We’ve enjoyed exploring those.”

Eric likes frequenting locally owned businesses such as B-52 Brewing.

“In Fort Worth we were pretty ingrained in the community,” he said. “We are getting that way in Conroe. It’s kind of neat to see all the local owned businesses. You get to know the owners and it’s a neat feel that I don’t think you can get in many other places.”

Two dogs sitting in the grass

Becoming part of a community is important to the Wrights, something facilitated by the events our Director of Fun hosts for residents.

“We moved and not being from the area, we really didn’t know anybody,” Julie said. “So those events were really important to us because we met so many other folks that were like us that we wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Their two pups have been able to make friends at our Frisky Biscuit Dog Park. Julie says that the large park is a great place for five-month old Stella and two-year-old Comet to play.

They appreciate the amenity and are looking forward to new ones opening up such as The Lake House recreation complex, new parks and Marcel Boulevard, an open-air market and lifestyle center coming to Grand Central Park.

“When we moved here, a lot of the amenities that are now in place weren’t here,” Eric said. “So, it’s been kind of neat to see how it’s becoming a very family-friendly neighborhood.”

The two have every intention of raising a family in Grand Central Park, planning to move into a larger house as their family grows.

“We’re not even considering outside of the development,” Eric said. “We want to stay here because of what’s going on and what the future holds. This is a place that we definitely want to put roots down.”

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