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Imagine A Day in the Life in Veranda

Veranda - Imagine A Day in the Life in Veranda

May 18, 2021

Smiles come a little easier when living in Veranda.

It starts with waking up in a beautiful home that reflects today’s clean, crisp design aesthetics — a home that also is energy-efficient and filled with the conveniences of smart home technology.

But that’s just the start of a typical day in Veranda.

After a morning cup of coffee or tea — perhaps on the front porch? — you can head to the fitness center for a workout or exercise class while the hubby feeds the kids breakfast. Back to the house for a quick shower and then it’s off for a little shopping at Brazos Town Center and then to H-E-B to pick up their famous homemade tortillas for the chicken fajitas you’re cooking this evening.

One more stop — you promised Chick-fil-A for lunch — and then it’s back home to feed the hungry family. A relaxing afternoon is planned at the pool — relaxing for you as you lounge in a shady chair with a book and bottled water. The kids have a different idea of fun — they’d rather zip down the slides or try to reach the top of the climbing wall before falling back into the water. It’s a game they’ll play again and again, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

At the pool, you catch up with a neighbor who lives two streets over and your planned chicken fajita dinner turns into a fiesta as the pair of you decide to combine your Tex-Mex-themed menus and bring the two families together.

After the pool, you send hubby to Spec’s to pick up fixings for margaritas while you start chopping up tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and cilantro for your famous pico de gallo. The neighbors arrive right at six and it’s an enjoyable evening of laughter, food, card games and good times.

Tucking the kids in bed after saying farewell to the neighbors, you decide one last indulgence is in order — a soothing bath. The bath should help your slightly sore muscles from this morning’s workout. If they are still sore in the morning, you’ll call The Cottage House and make a reservation for a massage.

You drift off to sleep with a smile on your face and wonder what experiences life in Veranda will bring tomorrow.


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