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Plan a Perfect Pool Day

Veranda - Plan a Perfect Pool Day

July 30, 2021

Cool days at the pool don’t just happen. It takes a little planning (and lots of sunscreen) to ensure your family enjoys their day in the sun. Here’s how to plan a perfect pool day:

Pack a Pool Bag (or two)

A pool bag is essential. You can buy one made specifically for pools or just get a large gym bag. Toss in spare goggles, extra sunscreen, hats, swim diapers and extra towels. Pack a mesh bag for wet pool toys, a waterproof bag for wet swim clothes and an insulated bag for food.

Keep the Sun’s Rays at Bay

Sunscreen is an essential part of pool days. Always choose sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection and an SPF of 30 or higher. It takes time for skin to absorb sunscreen so apply it before you get to the pool. Err on the side of using a lot and reapply every two hours. Enhance your defenses with a high SPF lip balm, sun hat and sunglasses with UV protection. Many of today’s swimsuits also provide protection from the sun.

Set Expectations

Before you hit the pool, go over pool rules. Let your kids know that running isn’t allowed, splashing people not in the family is inconsiderate and that pool toys must be shared. They also need to listen to and respect the lifeguards.

Fun and Games

What is a pool day without pool toys and games? You can pick up games at the store. PureWow put together a list of 25 amazing pool games you might want to check out. Don’t want to carry a bunch of toys? Plan to play these Red Tricycle prop-free games. If you are going to a friend’s house or public pool to swim, ask what you are allowed to bring.

Lounging Around

Pools are about more than water, they are about relaxation. If you plan to sunbathe, bring a book to read. Worried that you won’t be able to keep an eye on the kids with your nose stuck in a book? Download an audiobook. Just make sure any electronic devices are in waterproof cases. You’ll also need a soft, luxurious towel to lay on.

Hydration is Key

Just because you are near the water doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated. Make sure every member of the family has a water bottle. Know where there is a drinking fountain so you can fill up as needed. Healthy sports drinks are okay too.

Time for a Snack

Swimming is hungry work and hungry kids get crabby. Be sure to pack a lunch if you will be spending the day at the pool. Good snacks to pack include string cheese, chilled fruit, nuts, granola bars, single-serve yogurt and sliced vegetables. Crackers can get wet. Chocolate or ice cream can melt. Save those when you get home. Bring a bag to throw wrappers and containers in, then drop it off in the trash on your way out.

If you’re lucky enough to have a vending machine at your pool (like we do in Veranda), bring some money — you know your kids are going to want to push a button and see their treat drop.

Just In Case…

Boo-boos happen so be sure to pack a first aid kit with band aids, antibacterial spray, tweezers for splinters, hydrocortisone cream, ear drops, children’s pain relievers and allergy pills, instant ice packs and a thermometer.

Have Fun

Once you get to the pool, have fun! Want even more pool fun? Make Veranda your home base. Our beautiful pool features a younger kid’s area with a play structure and fountains, two water slides, a rock wall and plenty of shaded seating and tables to picnic at.



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