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Think Outside the Lunchbox

Veranda - Think Outside the Lunchbox

August 26, 2021

It can be disheartening as a parent to open your kid’s lunch box only to discover they didn’t eat a thing. Worse yet, they’ve been trading the lovingly packed healthy lunch for chips, cookies or candy. What’s a parent to do? Try tossing the sandwich and mixing things up with these fun lunch ideas.

Everyone Loves Pizza

Few kids can turn down pizza, so why not make it be the star of the lunchroom. These mini lunchbox pizzas are quick to make and fun for kids to eat. Got a gourmet kid? Pack crackers, cheese and toppings so they can build their own. Here are some great DIY pizza box ideas. Your kids are sure to have fun chowing down on these pizza rolls.

Don’t forget, pizzas also can be sweet, just pack graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and fruit.

Wrap It Up

Okay, wraps are kind of like a sandwich, but they are infinitely more fun. Small wraps can be cut into cute and colorful little pinwheels like these Rainbow Pinwheels from Food Network. Kids will gobble up these Turkey Bacon Ranch wraps. Got a vegetarian? These taco wraps will really hit the spot. 

Pick Pasta

Kids love noodles and pasta actually tastes pretty good cold. Try these lasagna roll-ups with a side of tomato sauce for dipping. Even kids that don’t like veggies won’t be able to resist this wagon wheel pasta salad. Warm your child’s tummy with a thermos full of chicken noodle soup.

Breakfast for Lunch

Kids love breakfast. Pack a bento box with dry cereal, fruit and yogurt or try your hand at these mini pumpkin pancakes. We also love these cinnamon French Toast bites. Waffles are always a hit. Try these savory waffle sticks with a side of marinara sauce. Ham, cheese and spinach muffins are good — and good for your kids.

Put it on a Stick

We’re pretty sure kids will eat anything if it’s on a stick. Sticking with the breakfast theme, try packing these mini pancakes on a stick. These lunch kabobs are sort of like mini sandwiches, but much better. Adventurous kids are sure to fall in love with these Greek lemon chicken skewers. Don’t forget to pack dessert. Just put berries, pineapple or mango on a stick and add vanilla yogurt for a dip.

Let Your Child Choose

Letting your kids pack their own lunches is a sure-fire way to make sure they eat. Cut up fruits and vegetables, have a supply of healthy energy bars in the cupboard, make up a few dips and let them go to town.


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