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Tips for Creating the Ultimate Home Office

Grand Central Park - Tips for Creating the Ultimate Home Office

December 03, 2021

More and more people are working from home. That’s great for the pajama industry but for employees, it’s a conundrum. How do you create an office that works for you? Follow our tips and you’ll be productive in no time.

Focus on Your Needs

Before you go down to the office supply store, make a list of the things you need to feel happy and productive. Think about your office at work. What sidetracked you? When you think about a home office, what are your concerns? Kids walking in during a Zoom call? A basket of laundry you feel the need to wash? Slow internet speed? Write your concerns down, followed by at least one solution to the problem.

Quiet and Private

The location of your office is important. The space should be private and quiet so you can get work done without interruptions. If you are purchasing a new home, don’t just look at floor plans with studies, look at where the office is located. Grand Central Park builders offer studies toward the front or in the middle of your home. A study near the front is great if you know you will have clients visiting. Studies in the middle offer fewer distractions and less noise. All builders offer French doors as an option so you can create the perfect Zoom room.

Let the Light In

Dark rooms are depressing. Choose a room with large windows that allow plenty of natural light to flood the room. Natural light will help you feel happier, which means you will be more productive. Windows with nice views can stimulate your creativity.

You Still Need Lamps

Depending on where your office is located, it may be darker in the morning or the afternoon. Invest in a desk lamp so you can see your computer. Add other lamps that emit a softer glow than your overhead light. You will feel more comfortable.

Ergonomic Furniture

The first thing you should buy is an ergonomic chair. After all, you will be spending most of your time sitting. Look for something height adjustable, that has lumbar support, is padded and has breathable fabric, arm rests and casters for moving the chair. Your desk doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be large enough for your computer and have drawers to put things in. While you can probably find one at the office supply store, you can also get something that defines your style at antique shops or online.

Have You Thought About Storage?

A cluttered office is not a productive one. Where are you planning to store your printer paper, pens and file cabinets? If you are using a spare bedroom, you probably have a closet. Add shelves and put your printer in there. Shelves and bookcases make nice additions and allow you to store things or display certificates, family photos and plants. Consider floating shelves for a fun contemporary look.

Make it Cozy

If clients will be visiting, be sure to have some comfortable chairs. If you have a large enough room, you can add a conversational area with a small table and loveseat. If you won’t have visitors, you should create a cozy nook for yourself. It will be a great place to think, take a break from your computer or even catch a nap.

Think About the Internet

You won’t get much done if you don’t have good broadband, a good router or enough outlets for all your devices. If you notice your computer is constantly buffering, it might be time to make a provider change. Dropped calls can be a problem if your office is located in a dead zone. Grand Central Park builders offer the latest Cat 6 wiring, so our residents don’t have to worry about those things. Many also offer USB outlets for easy charging. Invest in a surge protector to keep your electronics safe.

It’s the Little Things

Small, homey touches can make the difference between productivity and spending time looking through your refrigerator. Add plants, paint your office a relaxing color like blue or green and display pictures of your family or children’s drawings. Working from home does give you easy access to the kitchen but visiting makes it seem like you are available for conversation if others are home during the day. Consider putting a coffee maker and mini fridge in your office to keep you going during the day. 

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