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A Happy Home is a Safe Home

Veranda - A Happy Home is a Safe Home

December 13, 2021

What constitutes a safe and secure home? Is it just a burglar alarm or is there more? We think so. And our builders agree. That’s why they include smart home technology, superior building materials and advanced air filtration technology in the homes they build. After all, peace of mind is the route to a happy life.

The Future of Home Security is Smart

Setting up a security system is a smart move. These days, you can DIY or hire professionals. In either case, your security system can be tied into your home automation system. Most new homes come pre-wired for an alarm system at no cost to you. Many builders also include smart security devices in their standard home automation systems including keyless entries, smart door locks, video doorbells and smart garage door openers. These systems can be controlled via an app on your smart phone or tablet allowing you to schedule lights to turn on and off when you are on vacation, prevent thieves from stealing packages off your porch, get video feed when your kids get home from school and more.

Healthy Materials for a Healthy Home

Common building materials can contain toxic chemicals. Substandard drywall can cause breathing issues and headaches by releasing mercury and sulfur into the air. The glues and resins used in flooring can be a problem. Insulation — which is important for keeping your home energy efficient — can contain chemical flame retardants. Caulks, sealants, and adhesives are often made with solvents that emit VOCs, or contain formaldehyde, BPA, or phthalates. Pollutants can build up over time and creep into the air you breathe. Given that most of us spend 90 percent of our lives at home, that’s a lot of chemicals.

New homebuilders are committed to building the healthiest homes for your family. They search out certified green building materials such as Green Label Plus-certified carpeting, paints that are UL GREENGUARD certified and low- or zero-VOC products in insulation and cabinetry.

The Air You Breathe

What’s in the air we breathe? Pet dander, allergens, bacteria, mold and more. At least that what would be in the air if our builders didn’t install highly efficient HVAC systems and filters. An efficient HVAC system can reduce condensation, preventing mold growth. A good filter cleans the air of allergens, molds and even some viruses.


Choosing the right community can add to your sense of well-being. In Veranda, our neighbors look out for each other. There’s always someone to water your plants and pick up your mail when you are vacation. It’s easy to get to know everyone on your block at our many resident-only events and activities.

Visit our model homes and speak with a builder representative about how you can make the move to Veranda today.

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