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Decorate Like It’s 2022

Imperial - Decorate Like It’s 2022

December 27, 2021

Neutrals are out, color is in — and what the heck is Japandi? Predicting next year’s interior design trends is always a little tricky, but we can’t help ourselves. If you’re planning a 2022 home décor facelift, here’s a list of what’s hot. If you want new décor in a new home, visit Imperial.

Fusing Hygge with Wabi-sabi

Last year the Scandinavian concept of coziness was all the rage. This year, designers predict a fusion of Scandi comfort with Japanese simplicity (wabi-sabi) or “Japandi.” The two aesthetics are more similar than you might think with an emphasis on minimalism and natural elements. Clean lines, bright spaces and a focus on quality create a tranquil environment. All of next year’s trends flow naturally from this fusion of cultures.

What’s Old is New

Sustainable decoration will be big next year. People will be scouring attics and antique shops for vintage pieces to display in their homes. Re-using vintage pieces is a greener solution when redecorating. It’s also a chance to personalize your home since you won’t be displaying pieces everyone can get at Pottery Barn.

Colors and Patterns

Homeowners who have been staring at white walls and beige furniture for the past few years are ready to take a chance on colors and patterns. Paint companies predict shades of green will replace shades of beige, white and brown. Neutrals aren’t going away completely, but patterned wallpaper, brightly colored statement walls and more vibrant hues will provide contrast to the lighter colors.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Textured fabrics will add visual interest to all rooms next year. Velvet chair seats, nubby rugs and Sherpa coverlets will add dimension and touch of luxury to our homes.

Dedicated (and Attractive) Office Space

It’s time to trade in the kitchen counter for a dedicated and attractive workspace. Often, two people are working from home, meaning both of you need a place to work uninterrupted. That means spare rooms, walk-in closets and the cupboard under the stairs may undergo transformations that include built-in desks as well as the installation of cabinets and shelves. These spaces will be highly decorated and personalized as people will be spending a lot of time in them.  

Technicolor Kitchens

All white kitchens fell out of favor last year. Next year, kitchens will boast painted cabinets, highly decorative backsplashes and even vividly colored appliances. The colors will contrast with marbled countertops and light-colored floors. Black accents will add a touch of sophistication.

The Bar is Open

Bars and wine rooms will be moving from kitchens and game rooms to living rooms next year. Many luxury homes are showcasing glass-enclosed wine cellars in the family room, but even small homes will be sporting a fancy bar cart. Easily accessible bars make entertaining a breeze and allow you to show off the bartending skills you developed while in quarantine.


The trend toward rooms that can serve a variety of purposes will continue. Builders will be touting flex rooms and data centers. Furniture that is multi-functional will also be popular Think beds with drawers, guest rooms with Murphy beds that can also serve as office space, ottoman benches and drop-leaf tables.

Welcome to the Jungle 

Houseplants will be everywhere. Plants clean the air and have a calming effect on people. Hanging plants and even living walls will assist in bringing the outdoors inside. All of those plants will need plenty of natural light. Oversized windows in every room and sliding glass doors that can open living spaces to patios will continue in popularity. Reclaimed materials, non-toxic paints and sustainably created furniture will emphasize a commitment to sustainability. 

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