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Meet New Fitness Director Minouette Richards

Harvest Green - Meet New Fitness Director Minouette Richards

March 01, 2022


When it comes to health and fitness, Harvest Green isn’t just about vegetables. We believe in strengthening our residents’ bodies and minds. A philosophy shared by our new Director of Fitness Minouette Richards.

Minouette grew up in a fitness-oriented family. At the age of six, she joined her local swim team and competed all the way through high school. Her brothers ignited a passion for strength training in her by exposing her to CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. That passion turned into a desire to share what she learned with others.

“I had to find a way to become a bigger part of the fitness industry,” Minouette said. “Family and friends started to join me for fun workouts more often and we created a really supportive community focused on just bettering ourselves a little bit more each day.”

She pursued her interest at Sam Houston State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science. She became a personal trainer at Hard Body Studio in Huntsville while she was still in college. She says the job helped her understand how personal wellbeing goes beyond just physical health.

“The psychological and environmental aspects of our daily lives play such a large role,” she said. “Being able to develop strong connections with the individuals I worked with brought many experiences and important conversations about wellness.”

She brought that hard-earned knowledge with her to our sister community Cross Creek Ranch where she recently served as the Assistant Fitness Director. As the Harvest Green Director of Fitness, she plans to create an environment where everyone can feel welcome and supported.

“Fitness is an important part of our health, but not the only one,” she said. “It is so important that we nurture our mental, spiritual, environmental and occupational realms of health just as much.”

She plans to offer a variety of fitness classes, wellness challenges, community events, educational resources, personal training and one-on-one consultations to create an environment to help everyone meet their fitness goals.

Minouette emphasizes that her job is to help each resident find a program that works for them.

“Fitness is a commitment to yourself and should be enjoyable,” she said. “Your journey will look different from everyone else’s and that is what makes it so special. If you're not sure where to start, come see me at the Fitness Center! I am excited to meet you and be a part of your wellness journey.”

She is especially excited to work at Harvest Green because it is the type of community she would like to see throughout the world.

“Harvest Green is an example of healthy sustainable living and gives an energy that prioritizes the overall wellness of the community — all things I am a huge advocate for in my personal life,” Minouette said.

When she isn’t at the fitness center, you will find Minouette traveling, hiking, and exploring new places. She is now in the process of creating a home garden. When she needs downtime, she enjoys meditating in a warm, sunny spot outside.

“I am a big advocate for prioritizing mental health,” she said. “My progress with meditation has truly brought growth in my perspective of the world and allows me to bring peace and understanding to every environment I find myself in.”

At the end of the day, she hopes to become a valuable resource for Harvest Green residents.

“Having a support system is super important,” she said. “That is an important position I hold here at your community fitness center. Whether you join in some of our classes, come in for a solo workout or just want to stop by for a chat, your health and wellness is my priority, and I will always be a source of motivation and positivity for you!”

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