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Mindfulness Apps Offer Pure Serenity

Grand Central Park - Mindfulness Apps Offer Pure Serenity

April 05, 2022

Mindfulness is an innate trait all humans have. Practicing mindfulness helps us quiet thoughts of the past and the future while reducing stress, enhancing performance and gaining insight.

Mindfulness comes easily to residents of Grand Central Park. Our focus on pure happiness, serenity, adventure and connection helps our residents clear their minds, live in the present and not be overwhelmed when life throws a curveball. If you don’t live in our community, you can still practice mindfulness, just use some of our favorite apps:


Free 7-day trial, $69 for Calm Premium

The No. 1 app for helping users sleep, meditate and relax has more than 100 million downloads and 1.5 million 5-star reviews. It was also named ‘the world’s happiest app” by the Center for Humane Technology. The app provides daily meditation, master classes, music and sleep training. The “Daily Move” is a program that uses short quick movements to energize (or calm) you.



Free for basic, $65 per year for Shine Premium

Winner of Apple’s best app in 2020, this daily motivational program offers self-care courses to help you deal with stress, virtual workshops, daily check-ins and personalized support. The app is specifically targeted for marginalized groups, but everyone can benefit from their extensive menu of programs.

Insight Timer 

30-day free trial, $59 per year MemberPlus

This app boasts an entire section devoted to mindfulness including lectures, music and guided meditations. The app also offers free streamed yoga classes. A wide range of meditation topics are available tackling subjects such as healing, parents, anxiety, body scan, compassion and grief. Some programs are more spiritual based.

Healthy Minds 


This program is free with no frills but that didn’t stop it from being named New York Times Wirecutter’s Best Meditation app in 2021. The world-renowned neuroscientist research-backed programs rest on four key pillars — awareness, connection, insight and purpose. Upon downloading, you will be asked to complete a survey evaluating where you are on each pillar. This sets a baseline and goals for improvement.

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