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We’ve Got Spicy Retail News

Imperial - We’ve Got Spicy Retail News

March 09, 2022

A new grocery store and a restaurant opened near Imperial in February, and we have to say, they are a little spicy.

Both are in Imperial Square, a new 24,000-square-foot retail center located on the east side of Hwy. 6, north of Crown Garden Trail.

The 10,200-square-foot Imperial Spice grocery store offers a variety of authentic halal meats and spices from India and Pakistan.

Next door is Elite, an Indo-Pak restaurant co-owned by Saeed Ali and Tajddin Momin. The two also own Imperial Spice.

Elite serves up Indian favorites like Chicken Tika Masala and Tandoori fish. Items that are delicious but might be unfamiliar to many diners include: Malai Boti, a boneless chicken breast marinated in cream cheese, heavy cream, nuts and spices then grilled; a traditional Mughlai dish with chicken, cream, tomatoes and spices called Handi; and Palk Gohst, a famous Pakastani dish made of spinach, goat and hand-pounded spices.

Cocktails including mojitos and Blue Lagoons are available as are appetizers such as samosas and Masala fries. End the evening with fried ice cream, lava cake or Umm Ali, an Egyptian dessert made with homemade puff pastry.

We can’t wait to shop and dine!

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