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Happy Fitness Trails to You

Cross Creek Ranch - Happy Fitness Trails to You

April 14, 2022

Change up your workout by exchanging the gym for the great outdoors. Outdoor fitness stations found in parks, playgrounds and now — luckily for residents — at four trailside locations in Cross Creek Ranch allow you to add strength training to your cardio workout while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Our outdoor training systems were specially crafted for us by Miracle Recreation®. The systems are designed to give residents a full circuit workout, including pull-up bars, row stations, ab stations, arc ladders, arc traverse stations, cargo nets, dip stations, monkey bars and press stations.

The equipment is located along our trail system so residents can walk or jog to one or all for a full-body workout incorporating strength training and cardio.

The advantages to working outdoors are many, including improving physical and mental health, decreasing depression and stress, increasing your energy and improving your strength and flexibility. It can even reduce insomnia. They are eco-friendly, too, because none of the equipment uses electricity and the materials used are recyclable.

Here are a couple of exercises you could be doing if you make the move to Cross Creek Ranch.

Bench Dips

Want to have awesome pectoral muscles and great looking triceps? Go straight to our dip stations. Put your hands on the bars with your legs slightly bent in front of you. Then lower yourself down and up as many times as you can. Piece of cake! (Not that we recommend having cake after your workout).

Arc Ladder Pull-Ups

Pull-ups work the upper body, but arc ladders make them fun. Arc ladders are like monkey bars. You start at one end and work your way to the other. Or you can find a bar you like and use it to pull yourself up and down. Even if you can’t pull yourself up, it’s still good to hang since that also works your muscles.

Cargo Net Climbs

Cargo nets strengthens your arms, legs and core by using your body weight as a form of resistance. All you have to do is climb to the top.


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