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2022 Home Décor Trends We Love

Grand Central Park - 2022 Home Décor Trends We Love

April 20, 2022

If you’ve looked at your home and decided it’s time to oust your old decor and embrace the new, we’d like to introduce you to the interior design trends of 2022. This year’s trends focus on comfort, sustainability and nature. Much of the latest and greatest have been incorporated into our professionally decorated model homes. Stop by and get inspired today.

Vintage is Back

Grandma’s favorite sofa. A flea market dresser. A vase you found antiquing. Vintage pieces are back in a big way. Part of the trend toward sustainability, vintage and repurposed pieces are considered more environmentally friendly than brand-new items. Scour thrift stores, consider how you can reuse pieces stored in your attic and shop locally.

Nods to Nature

Nature will be your guide in 2022. Bringing the outdoors in will create a calm, relaxed environment where family members can thrive. When designing your new Grand Central Park home, opt for light colored or warm wood floors and cabinets. Choose paint colors in neutrals, greens or light blues.

Let the Sun In

In keeping with the trend toward outdoor inspiration, oversized windows that let in lots of natural light will remain popular. Natural light improves your mood and will help all those houseplants stay green and healthy. Ditch dark curtains for lighter colors that allow light to shine through.

Curves are Comforting

Modern, linear furniture has had its day. This year, it’s all about the curves. Softly curved sofas and armchairs fit human bodies better. Arcs and circles are less jarring than corners so expect to see more arched windows and doorways.

Open Plan, With Caveats

The past few years have had us rethinking the open plan. We want the light airy feel but sometimes we need privacy. The answer is multifunctional spaces with room dividers, pocket doors and screens. Pocket doors are good for dividing game rooms into separate spaces for homework centers or offices. Room dividers give the illusion of privacy between family rooms and dining areas.

Speaking of Homework Centers…

Kids are back in school but that hasn’t prevented the need for dedicated homework spaces. If your builder has an option for playrooms or teen dens, choose it and add built-in desks and bookshelves. Data centers in kitchens and game rooms are good choices for younger children who may need a parent around to help with math.

Multipurpose Flex Rooms

Rooms that can serve multiple purposes are in demand. A good-sized flex room can accommodate gym equipment and a desk for working from home. A Murphy bed can turn a hobby room into a guest room.

Colorful Kitchens

Colorful kitchens are making a comeback. While all-white kitchens are still popular, many homeowners are adding pops of color to break up neutral countertops and cupboards. Embrace colorful backsplashes or paint your entire kitchen yellow or green. If you don’t want to go that far, investigate colorful appliances and vent hoods.

The 70s are Calling

Color, texture, avocado refrigerators (okay, maybe not those) — the 70s are back. Think terracotta, sage and mustard colors as well as patterned wallpaper, lava lamps and wood paneling — all updated to reflect modern sensibilities.

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