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Crash Course on Being Texan

Veranda - Crash Course on Being Texan

May 30, 2022

So, you’re lucky enough to be relocating to Texas. First, “Howdy neighbor! Y’all are going to love it here.” Second, there are a few things you need to know about being Texan. We’ve got a few quirks, but it’s all good. To get you up and running, here’s a crash course on living in the Lone Star State.

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Texans are unfailingly polite. Our politeness goes farther than opening doors and offering to carry groceries for elderly neighbors. We say “please” and “thank you.” Want to sound like a real Texan? Just say answer questions with “Yes, ma’am” or “No, sir.”

Barbecue is a Food Group

What time do BBQ joints close? When the meat runs out. Texans take their barbecue seriously. It’s not unheard of to stand in line for two or more hours for a plate of your favorite brisket or ribs. If you live in Veranda, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time at local favorite Harlem Road Texas BBQ. Don’t confuse grilling with barbecuing. Good barbecue takes all day.

Queso is More Than Cheese

Stock your pantry with Velveeta and Rotel because you aren’t a Texan if you haven’t made queso. If you haven’t heard of it, queso is a cheese dish that is truly addictive. No one really knows where queso was born, but all Texans consume it. We love it so much we’ve even built competitions around it (they’re called quesoffs).

Blue Bell is The Only Ice Cream

If you want to be a true Texan, your freezer should be full of Blue Bell ice cream. The Brenham-based creamery has been around since 1907, and we eat flavors like Homemade Vanilla, Tin Roof, Krazy Koodie Dough, or Moo-llenium Crunch by the gallon. It was even enjoyed by International Space Station astronauts in 2017.

Don’t Miss Friday Night Lights

Food isn’t the only thing we’re known for. Football is practically a religion. High school, college or pro, everyone has their favorite teams, and the rivalries can be intense. On Friday nights, Texas families turn out to cheer on their high school team at stadiums on par with those used by professional teams. 

Speaking of Homecoming

If you are the parent of a high school student, you’ve got to know about "homecoming mums." These corsages are big. Really big. And long. The mums are bedecked with ribbons and bows. So much so that you’ve got to wonder how girls manage to walk while wearing them.

Trucks Have Names

According to a recent poll, more than one-third of Texans name their pickup trucks. That’s not surprising. Our pickup trucks are practically a part of the family, and Texans get a lot of mileage out of them. Betsy and Big Red are the most popular truck names.

We Measure Distance in Hours

Don’t ask a Texan how many miles it is to the nearest town. We have no idea. We do know how long it will take you to get there and we are happy to tell you. That’s partly because Texas is a big state. It takes 12 hours to drive across it. Who has time to calculate miles?

As Long as You’re Driving…

Why do Texans think nothing of driving long distances? Possibly because everything they need can be found at a Buc-ee’s. The travel centers are ubiquitous, offering everything from gas and clean bathrooms to kitschy gifts and an entire wall devoted to jerky. Just look for the cartoon beaver. Be warned, you can’t get out without buying at least one bag of Beaver Nuggets.

Everything is Bigger Here

Everything is bigger in Texas is not just hype. We take pride in having the biggest skylines, malls, grocery stores, fairs, houses — and well, you name it. If we can make it the biggest, we do!

You’ve Heard of Bluebonnets?

Our state flower is a thing of beauty and one of the main reasons people are out and about in the spring. Bluebonnets grow everywhere, but it’s not unusual for people to pack up their trucks and head for the Hill Country where they are particularly stunning.

Don’t Like the Weather?

Contrary to popular belief, Texas does have more than two seasons. It’s just that spring and fall don’t last long. You can pretty much wear shorts year-round but bring a sweater. That friend you’re visiting probably has the air conditioner cranked up to its highest setting to beat the Texas heat. Snow does happen but not often. We’re more likely to get thunderstorms — sometimes without any notice. That’s okay because our storms are works of art.

We’re Known for Our Hospitality 

We’re a friendly bunch given to hugs upon meeting and invitations to sit a spell and enjoy a glass of sweet tea. We love talking with you about everything. Don’t believe us? Visit Veranda. Our neighbors will greet you like long-lost cousins. When you move in, they will be right there to lend a helping hand.

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