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Fitness is Fun with Lindsay Marsh

Riverstone - Fitness is Fun with Lindsay Marsh

July 20, 2022

Lindsay Marsh, Riverstone’s New Fitness Director, is experienced, knowledgeable and — most importantly — believes fitness should be fun. 

The Houston native became a personal trainer and fitness instructor in 2014 when she realized how much she enjoyed helping others achieve their fitness goals. From her point of view, exercise should never be boring.

“I make it fun,” Lindsay said. “Whether is a class, personal training or a pop-up question, I make sure my clients have fun, even while they’re working hard. It’s easier to come back if you know it’ll be fun!”

She will be relying on that philosophy to design fitness activities for Riverstone residents.

“We’ll have events that combine fitness with fun,” Lindsay said. “I’ll have pop-up classes giving residents an opportunity to try something new and seminars promoting health and wellness, just to name a few. At the fitness center, of course, I am there to answer any questions as well as giving suggestions and directions for whatever residents want to know.”

Lindsay practices what she preaches. Running and hiking is her feel-good, go-to workout. She also loves lifting weights and group fitness classes.

“I really enjoy group fitness,” Lindsay said. “As an instructor, it’s exciting to watch people grow and get stronger. As a participant, I love learning new exercises and being pushed out of my comfort zone. We end up creating a community in sweat!”

Her advice for anyone starting a fitness journey is to just start.

“Start where you are today,” she said. “Don’t look to past to workouts skipped or mistakes. From today, look forward toward your goals. Starting a new routine takes time and don’t expect to wake up on Monday and be in the gym every day. Our bodies need movement, but they also need rest. Use available resources like me to help find a good balance for your life and lifestyle. Also, don’t expect instant change. And always, give yourself grace.”

According to Lindsay, there are at least five things everyone can do to increase their level of health: move even if it’s just taking a 10-minute walk, drink plenty of water, stay away from processed food, sit up straight and take time to breathe.

A few fun facts about her are that she graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, with bachelor’s degrees in communications and English, has run the Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon, is married and has a daughter who is a sophomore in high school and has two rescue dogs. She also loves to travel.

“I have been to Europe and Asia, many countries,” she said. “I am always down for a trip to the beach. Any beach. White sand beach, black sand beach, green sand beach…even Galveston.”

She is looking forward to working at Riverstone as it is better than a gym, in her opinion.

“A lot of gyms are about sales, Riverstone is about community,” Lindsay said. “I managed a gym with similar intentions and watched unlikely friendships form. It is so rewarding to see a community having fun together while getting fit.”



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