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What’s Your Favorite H-E-B Product?

Cross Creek Ranch - What’s Your Favorite H-E-B Product?

October 12, 2022

What makes Cross Creek Ranch such a great place to live? The amenities? Nature in all its glory? Italian Maid Café? Sure, we have all that. We’ve also got an H-E-B around the corner. If you aren’t from Texas, you may not realize what a big deal that is. People have been known to drive up to an hour to shop there. Some people even have their favorites shipped to them. What favorites? We’re glad you asked.

Meal Simple™

When H-E-B says “Relax, we’ve got dinner,” they aren’t kidding. Meal Simple™ is a line of house-made, ready-to-eat meals. Had a long day at work? Throw the family-size Pizza Bake in the oven. Friends coming over? Wow them with Oysters Rockefeller with Bacon. Many meals are single-serve so you can microwave your favorite at work. Meal Simple™ meals aren’t just for adults. There is an entire range of lunches just for kids. The healthy meals include sliders with turkey or ham, pretzels, fruit and raw veggies. Just pop them in backpacks and feel like a boss parent.

House-Made Tortillas

In Texas, it’s not Taco Tuesday without a supply of house-made H-E-B butter tortillas. Soft, fluffy and oh so good, they are made without artificial ingredients. You can also pick up corn and flour tortillas. The corn is sourced locally making them good for you and good for local farms.

Whataburger Favorites

Texas’ favorite burger joint is Whataburger, so it just made sense for H-E-B to partner with them to sell their tasty condiments. In addition to Whataburger-brand ketchup, mustard and mayo, you can take home the chain’s buffalo and honey barbecue sauces. For an outstanding breakfast, pair Whataburger pork sausage with pancakes made from their own mix.

Mootopia Milk

There’s nothing like it, anywhere. Mootopia starts out as ordinary milk. It is then filtered to remove some water. This concentrates the vitamins and minerals. The result is milk with 50 percent more protein and 50 percent less sugar than whole milk. Did we mention that it is also lactose-free?

Cranberry Pistachio Bread

H-E-B bakes bread in-house. By far shoppers’ favorite is the cranberry pistachio bread. It makes for a spectacular chicken salad sandwich (pro-tip, by the H-E-B Meal Simple™ version). Many families love to use it for French Toast. It’s also delicious as is.

Creamy Creations

Move over Blue Bell, we’ve got a soft spot for H-E-B Creamy Creations ice cream. There are a lot of delicious flavors, but we really like Salted Caramel Truffle, Honey Cake and Cookies Over Texas. Don’t do dairy? There’s a delicious line-up of dairy-free flavors.

That Green Sauce

What’s in That Green Sauce? Spicy jalapeños, poblano chiles and sour cream you can pour on eggs, fajitas, tacos or pair with another HEB favorite — Texas-shaped tortilla chips.

Central Market Green Chile Queso

Texans love their queso, and they really love this product (from H-E-B’s big sister Central Market, but available at H-E-Bs everywhere). If you are having a party, stock up because your guests won’t be able to resist just another bite. It’s also good as a crudité dip and as a chili garnish. And while you’re shopping for the queso, make sure to browse the many salsas available.

H-E-B + Cross Creek Ranch = Your New Home Happiness

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