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Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

Veranda - Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

October 25, 2022

When it comes to buying a new home, there are really only two options. You can purchase an existing home — a home that may have already had several owners — or a home no one has ever lived in before. If being the first owner sounds good to you, here are five more reasons to purchase a new construction home

You Won’t Need to Renovate

Most homebuyers have a list of items they want in their new home. It could be an open floor plan, a larger kitchen, quartz countertops or wood floors. Chances are an existing home won’t check off every box on your list. You could plan to renovate later, or you could get everything you want now by purchasing a new construction home. Builders offer a variety of modern floor plans sure to suit your needs. Most plans are semi-customizable so you can add the extra bedroom you need or the media room you want.

Your Energy Bills Will Be Lower

New construction homes are now 20 percent more efficient than homes built even five years ago. Your new home will include energy-saving appliances, the latest HVAC systems and better insulation — all of which will lower your energy bills. Your new home will also be healthier as builders increasingly use greener building materials and better air filtration systems.

Your Home Will be Smarter

In general, existing homes aren’t wired for the 21st century. A new construction home will have CAT6 wiring which ensures faster internet speeds. Your new home will have fewer dead zones, so you won’t be risking dropped calls. Most builders include a home automation system as standard. That means you get everything you want all at once instead of buying and trying to install smart devices yourself.

It's Under Warranty

Existing homes are not under warranty. That means if a pipe breaks or an appliance dies, you are on the hook to replace them. Not so with a new construction home. They are under warranty so if something doesn’t work when you move in, it will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

A Better Location

Today’s new homes are found in planned communities like Veranda. The developers have put a lot of thought into what homeowners want and need to enhance their lifestyles. That includes amenities like our Cottage House and resort-style pool. These communities plan for convenient retail and onsite schools. It’s easier to meet your neighbors because most people are new and looking to make friends.



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