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Cross Creek Ranch Welcomes 5,000th Buyer

Cross Creek Ranch - Cross Creek Ranch Welcomes 5,000th Buyer

January 17, 2023

Monica Finol discovered Cross Creek Ranch on Facebook back in 2016, and it didn’t take long for her to determine that’s where she wanted to buy a home. Now, she and her family did just that, becoming the community’s 5000th buyer.

Monica and her husband, Gilberto Marea, and their two children moved from Venezuela in 2014. They knew they wanted to one day purchase a home in the Houston area and had an eye out on different areas. After seeing the post on Facebook, Monica and her children visited Cross Creek Ranch and were impressed.

“There were so many green areas, and the homes were beautiful,” she said. “We really love the Fulshear area in general.”

Although Monica and Gilberto were not ready to purchase a home at that time, that didn’t deter them from moving to the area. They rented an apartment while they saved to purchase their dream home.

“We loved how the community was growing,” she said. “Jordan High School wasn’t even here when we moved to the area. It’s really grown.”

Last February, Monica and Gilberto were ready, signing a contract with Newmark Homes to build their new sanctuary. They moved in late September.

Having a one-story design was important to them, as was a home with a lot of light.

“We got to select everything in the home,” Monica said. “It was such a new experience. We really love our home!”

Monica said she had no idea they would be helping Cross Creek Ranch meet a major milestone when she and her husband signed their closing documents.

“Merri from Newmark called me and said, ‘I have news for you,’” Monica said. “I was worried — what happened to the house? I was very happy to hear that she was calling to tell us we were the 5,000th homeowner.”

As the family is settling into their Cross Creek Ranch dream home, Monica says her son is already a regular at the basketball court, and she sees many opportunities for her children to get outside. For her, Monica says she’s looking forward to going to her new-resident orientation to learn all about living in Cross Creek Ranch as well as hitting up the gym.

“There’s so much to do here!”


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