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Get Your Kitchen Organized After a Move

Edgewater - Get Your Kitchen Organized After a Move

January 31, 2024

Moving into your new home in Edgewater this year? There are a lot of things you are probably looking forward to — except maybe unpacking your kitchen. Pots, pans, cookie sheets, mugs, spatulas. You have it all, and now you have to figure out where to put it. Need a plan? Here are some tips for getting organized:

Clean and Prepare

Before opening a single box, wipe down cabinets, shelves and countertops then put down shelf paper to protect surfaces and make cleaning easier.

Focus on the Space

Take time to walk around your new kitchen. Imagine yourself going about your normal routine. Where would you normally keep your coffee pot, grab a box of cereal or find Junior’s favorite sippy cup? Doing so will give you some idea of where to place small appliances, stack dishes and organize the pantry.

Get It Sorted

Hopefully, you labeled all your boxes before the move. If you didn’t, open them and begin grouping items by category such as utensils, dishes, and pots and pans. Place them near the drawers and cupboards you think will make a good home.

Start With Essentials

Place everyday essentials like plates, bowls and glasses in easy-to-reach cabinets. Do the same with cutlery. Consider how often the items are used. Glasses are used most often so they should be placed within easy reach. If you have young children, unbreakable plates and cups should be placed on lower shelves to prevent accidents. Store cooking utensils near the stove so they are easy to reach.

Move on to the Less Essential

If you know you don’t use something often, store it above the refrigerator or the stove. China and silver can be stored in a china hutch, butler’s pantry or on the top shelves of cabinets.

Designate Cooking Zones

Group items used for specific purposes in designated areas. Store pots and pans near the stove for easy access. Use pot organizers or stack them efficiently. Dedicate a cabinet for bakeware and another for small appliances. Use a spice rack or drawer organizer for easy access to spices. Group similar items together.

Organize the Pantry

Take stock of your new pantry. Put the food items you need the most on the shelves nearest the door. Group food items by category such as canned goods, cereals, snacks, etc. Invest in clear containers, bins or shelves to keep pantry items visible and easily accessible.

Arrange Cleaning Supplies

Use the space under the sink for cleaning supplies. Consider installing pull-out trays or bins. Make sure any toxic substances are kept in a separate area so little hands can’t find them. Set up a designated area for trash and recycling. Consider using bins with lids to keep odors contained.

Re-organize as Necessary

After you’ve spent some time in your new home, you may find your initial organization ideas don’t meet your family’s needs. Spend a few hours rearranging items to reflect your new lifestyle.

Find Your Dream Kitchen Today

It’s easy to find the kitchen of your dreams in the home of your dreams in Edgewater. Our builders have decades of experience creating kitchens homeowners love to cook in. Tour our model homes and discover one you love today.



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