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Buy a Home, Win a Golf Cart

Buy a Home, Win a Golf Cart

June 25, 2019

What does every new home need? If you said a golf cart, then you must be ready to purchase your new home in Woodforest. Luckily for you, we’re giving one away!

We’re hosting a 10thSummer Birthday Bash to celebrate a decade of excellence. Throughout the month of July, if you purchase a new home, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous golf cart to help you cruise through our community.

Why golf carts? Ask any of our residents and they will tell you that their electric or gas rides are not only convenient, they are economical, too. Even the most pimped-out electric ride can cost less than a new car. And in Woodforest, you can go for days without needing a car.

On any given day, you’ll see people using carts to make a CVS run (yes, we’ve seen them at the drive-thru), hit Forest Island for a swim or take the kids to soccer practice at Stampede Sportsplex. 

We find that golf carts also foster community spirit. As you tour Woodforest, you are sure to see your future neighbors waving as they coast through the neighborhood. You’ll also see decked out versions participating in our community parades.

Golf carts are also safer than cars because of their slower speeds but make no mistake, they are just plain fun to drive around. Move to Woodforest and you may find that you’ll only need your car to get to work and back.

Intrigued? Visit our 20+ model homes in July to discover your perfect home. Once you buy, you might win a chance to drive!