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Golf Cart Cruisin’ Through Woodforest

Golf Cart Cruisin’ Through Woodforest

January 31, 2019

In Woodforest, golf carts aren’t just for the green. You might even say they are a way of life around here, and we love seeing our residents cruising through Woodforest on their electric rides.

On any given day, you’ll see residents using carts to make a CVS run (yes, we’ve seen them at the drive-thru), hit Forest Island for a swim or take the kids to soccer practice at Stampede Sportsplex.

All of our amenities and the Shops at Woodforest are within cart distance. You could go “fore” days here without needing a car.

Another place you’ll see our golf cart riding residents is our community parades.
Residents add string lights and decorations for our December Festival of Lights. On April 6, they will be turning carts into art for our Crawfish Carnival.

And while residents are driving down the street waving to friends and neighbors, we do ask that they a few rules of the road:

  • No driving after sunset and before sunrise
  • A slow-moving emblem must be placed on the cart where it can be seen
  • Move to the right when vehicles are coming up behind you
  • Do not exceed 20 mph
  • Golf carts should yield to other vehicular traffic in all cases
  • Do not impede the safe and efficient flow of motor vehicular traffic
  • Signal when turning
  • Drivers must be older than 16 years of age

Additional recommended safety rules and more information can be found at www.TxDMV.gov under Off-Highway Vehicles. Please note, golf carts are only allowed on the streets. They are not allowed on sidewalks.

Want to get started living the cart life? Visit our beautiful model homes then make the move to Woodforest.