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Crawfish Boil Do’s and Don’ts

Crawfish Boil Do’s and Don’ts

March 20, 2019

On April 6, Woodforest will host its first Crawfish Carnival. It’s not our first crawfish boil but it is our first with a Ferris wheel, carnival games and a whole lot more. If you’ve never attended a boil, you probably have questions — not the least of which is how to go about eating those crunchy crustaceans.

To get you prepped before you hit the Christine Allen Nature Park, 5831 Woodforest Parkway South, for the noon to 5 p.m. event, we’ve put together a handy list of do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Eat Before You Arrive

Sure, crawfish seem small but you get a lot of them. At the Crawfish Carnival, your $10 crawfish meal ($15 cash at the door) includes 3 pounds of the critters. And don’t forget the sides. Traditional sides include corn and potatoes among other things. That’s a lot of food. If you’re still not into crawfish, you can opt for another food item and a non-alcoholic drink.

Do Wear Dark Clothing

We’re not going to lie. Peeling and eating crawfish is a tad messy. We don’t want to give it away so let’s just say juices are involved…

Don’t Wear Watches or Jewelry

Did we mention the juices? Your hands are going to be covered and the last thing you want is to have sticky stuff on your finery.

Do Keep Water – Or Beer – Handy

Texans do not mess around with their spices and crawfish are traditionally spicy. If you’ve never experienced anything cooked in Zatarain's boil mix, you are in for a treat but you’ll definitely need something cool to wash it down with. We’ve got you covered with beer, wine and margaritas for purchase.

Do Pinch, Peel, Eat and Repeat

Now for the moment of truth. It’s time to eat your first crawfish. How? Find the crawfish’s natural waistline. That’s where you break it apart. Try it anywhere else and well, those juices! Start at the top of the tail and peel the shell off. Once the meat is exposed you can pinch it and pull it out. If you are brave, you can suck the juices out before you peel but that’s not for everybody.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Did we mention the spices? If you rub your eyes before cleaning your hands, you will regret it. Wash your hands well once you are done eating or bring sliced lemon to rub on your hands.

Do Enjoy the Fun

Crawfish boils are always fun. There’s usually live music — Zydeco, a blend of blues, jazz and rhythm if you are lucky — or a DJ. At the Carnival, we’ll have Zydeco music, carnival games and rides, lawn games, a photo booth, activities for the kids and crawfish races.

We hope these tips make attending the Woodforest Crawfish Carnival a breeze. Remember admission to the event and the rides are free!