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TIPLER Showcases Battery Powered Model Home

TIPLER Showcases Battery Powered Model Home

July 20, 2020

Battery technology meets solar technology in TIPLER’s new showcase home in our Pine Island neighborhood, resulting in a home that is as energy efficient as it is stunning.

Partnering with PanTech Design, TIPLER has built the first battery-powered home in Houston. PanTech is the creator of Adapt Energy, a unique energy automation system that allows homeowners to manage and automate the home’s energy usage.

Through the Adapt Energy partnership, TIPLER luxury homeowners can monitor their energy usage and control circuit breakers to optimize the performance of the sonnen ecoLinx battery to store energy and power the home. 

The Adapt Energy software manages how and when the battery is charged, allowing customers to draw power from the grid at off-peak times, saving them money. The show home also is outfitted with solar panels, providing an additional low-cost way to charge the battery.

In addition, homeowners can receive severe weather alerts, create schedules and power profiles based off usage and events, and guarantee clean energy. Simultaneously, the system can prepare for power outages with the ability to operate off the grid by storing energy in the sonnen ecoLinx battery, which can power the home for extended periods of time during grid electricity disruptions.

Customers choosing to build with TIPLER will be able to install the system on their own property. The batteries used in the system are about the size of a refrigerator and are typically placed in the garage.

Interested clients can set up an appointment to view this spectacular, green built home and discuss building a custom, luxury home in Woodforest with TIPLER.

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