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Build a Better Homework Center

Build a Better Homework Center

September 21, 2020

School at home is a fact of life these days. Even when schools open fully, there is always a chance they could close again. That means a homework center is a necessity. The good news is that if you purchase a home in Jordan Ranch, our builders can help you create the ultimate learning space. Here are some tips for when you visit the design center.

Add a Study

If you know you will have an extra bedroom, plan to turn it into a study for the kids. Ask your builder if it is possible to add extra outlets or outlets with charging spaces. Equip the room with a desk, comfortable chairs, a printing station, shelves and if there is enough space, a reading nook. Newmark Homes provides data centers as a standard feature in many of their homes, so you don’t have to sacrifice the guest room.

Partition Your Game Room

Game rooms or entertainment lofts are fairly large spaces that can be divided into learning and play spaces. You can ask your builder to divide the space with a low counter or a wall. If that isn’t possible, purchase moveable screens.  David Weekley Homes takes the area that would house the game room and separates it into a loft, retreat and study areas. Post quiet hours so Zoom classes are not interrupted.

Don’t Discount the Media Room

You probably think of your media room as the place for family movie night, but it can become an excellent classroom. Replace chairs with desks and use your TV screen to stream your child’s Zoom classes. Not sure how? Here is a tutorial. Once the school day is finished, let the kids watch the movie of their choice as a reward for a job well done.

Bonus Rooms = Bonus Classrooms

If your builder offers bonus room upgrades, you might want to take advantage of them. Typically, one large space or a space with a half bath, these areas are perfect for crafting study areas for multiple children. Make sure to add extra outlets with charging stations so every child can charge computers, tablets and smartphones. Add a comfortable couch, chairs and a television for a great teen den.

Jazz It Up

Once you have the space, make it cool. Consider your work space at the office. Is it boring? Help them create a cool space that is just for them. Let them add colorful posters and their favorite books. Add pillows and soft throws so they can take needed breaks without leaving their work stations.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Take your kids on a field trip to Staples or Office Depot and let them pick out desk supplies that will keep them organized. This is a particularly good idea for teens who have a lot of research papers to write. Office supply stores are great places to pick up in-and-out baskets, pen holders and cute staplers. Add in a bin or two where they can throw backpacks and books – that way they don’t lose them.


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