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How to Have Peachy Summer

Woodforest - How to Have Peachy Summer

July 21, 2021

Some people look forward to summer because of the warmth, some people because school is out and some because of the bounty of summer produce.

We’re not talking tomatoes — we’re talking peaches!

Woodforest is handing out everyone’s favorite stone fruit to residents this Sunday, so we thought we’d offer up some ideas on what they can make (if the peaches aren’t gobbled up immediately!).

Peachy Desserts

A classic peach cobbler immediately comes to mind when thinking about peach desserts, but how about adding a little bourbon to give it extra depth? This recipe can be made with or without the bourbon, but we say go with it.

How about pairing your peaches with another summer staple — blueberries. This peach blueberry cake is the perfect marriage of sweet and tart. Its lovely presentation will have you volunteering to bring the dessert at the next block barbecue.

Peach ice cream is another favorite and basically screams “summer!” You can go for a full old-fashioned recipe where you have to cook the custard and churn it before freezing or opt for a simpler no-churn version. Prefer to top your ice cream with peaches instead? Ginger-peach conserve is good on ice cream, yogurt and toast.

Not Just for Dessert

Don’t limit your peach culinary adventures to dessert alone. Grilled peaches are excellent and pair well with chicken. You can also put them on salads for an interesting twist. Swap the tomato for a peach and make it a BLP sandwich. Serve your peaches with chicken, pork, salmon and just about anything you want when you use them to make a spicy barbecue sauce.

Make it a full peach-themed meal by starting off with a peach vodka cocktail or peach-aperol spritz served with a peach, prosciutto and ricotta crostini.  

Save for Later

Have a true peach bounty that you’re just not going to work through no matter how hard you try? Freezing peaches is easy, and the frozen peaches work in many fresh peach recipes. You can freeze them sliced or whole.

Want to get your peaches for free just like Woodforest residents? Visit with our builders to see how you can make the move to Woodforest. Our Director of Fun may or may not be handing out peaches again next year, but there’s always something happening in our peachy community!

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