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Bake a Birthday Cake — or Not

Bake a Birthday Cake — or Not

July 23, 2021

Woodforest is celebrating its 12th birthday this month. While we love cake, not everyone is a fan. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch the birthday candles. There are lots of alternatives, all of which are delicious. Check out our list and try them for your next birthday celebration.


Who doesn’t like pie? The varieties are endless. If you want something that looks like a cake but isn’t, try this recipe from Dinner Then Dessert. As a plus, it doesn’t need to be baked. Wide Open Eats put together this pairing of birthday months and birthday pies. Guess we should be serving up a blueberry crumble. Can’t decide on a pie? Food Network’s Mixed Mini Pies ensures there is something for everyone.

Pancakes and More

Hosting a birthday brunch? Ditch the cake and serve up these blueberry birthday pancakes. Everyone loves donuts, so why not add a candle to your favorite flavors? If you have a passion for cinnamon rolls, just throw some sprinkles on top.

Cookies and Brownies

Stack brownies or cookies on a pretty plate, garnish with confetti, fruit or flowers and celebrate! If you want to go decadent, we suggest Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies. Need a gluten-free birthday treat that looks like cake? Make this three-layer rice krispies cake. Macrons are a colorful way to celebrate, and you can get a box of 25 from Baked by Melissa.

Ice Cream

Skip the cake and go straight for the ice cream. Sundaes or fancy milkshakes are the perfect treat. Check out this breakdown of the various toppings you can set out for guests. Not sure how to decorate a milkshake? Let the famous Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer be your guide. Their outrageous milkshakes have people lining up every night.

Get Crazy

You would be surprised at what can double as a birthday cake. Pile up cotton candy, lay out some cream puffs or whoopie pies, set up a chocolate fountain or create a fruit kabob bouquet. What counts is that the birthday boy or girl loves it and you all have a good time.

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