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How Well Do You Know Tammy?

How Well Do You Know Tammy?

December 14, 2021

Lots of people know our birthday girl Tammy McCall, her red hair, big smile and — of course — constant companion Chance.

But how well do you really know her?

You may know her a little better if you played the recent “Twelve Days of Tammy” game that asked you to answer 12 questions about our favorite Realtor Relations Extraordinaire. Here’s a recap (with answers) for those who might have missed it:

  1. What is Tammy’s favorite color? Purple
  2. What is Tammy’s favorite holiday? Her birthday
  3. How many grandkids does Tammy have? Five
  4. What is the full name of the most recent grandchild? Theodore Jireh Taylor
  5. What is Tammy’s dog’s name? Chance McCall
  6. What is Tammy’s favorite JDC community? Cross Creek Ranch
  7. What state is Tammy from? Oklahoma
  8. What award did Tammy just receive? GHBA Realtor Professional of the Year
  9. Name two of Tammy’s hobbies! Traveling, walking, podcasts, seeing friends and reading
  10. What Is Tammy's Husbands name? Greg
  11. What photo is Tammy famous for when visiting a model home? Picture of self in a bathtub.
  12. Tammy cannot be at all events, so she sends in her replacements. What is this and how many are there? Tammy Cutouts, 8

But did you know:

  • Tammy celebrates birthdays BIG now because she was raised Jehovah’s Witness. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate most holidays or events that honor people who are not Jesus. This includes birthdays.
  • Tammy knows a lot about having and being a sister — she has six! Her childhood household was overflowing with girls — Tammy has no brothers.
  • But she does have kids! She has two children of her own and three stepchildren.
  • Tammy is just two years away from celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary with hubby Greg.
  • Tammy hasn’t always been in real estate. Among her previous roles, she’s worked in human resources and once was even a police records supervisor. She even sold cars at Mak Haik Chevrolet right after moving to Texas!
  • But her favorite job is being Realtor Relations Extraordinaire! She was promoted to the position in January 2015. It was a new position for Johnson Development, and they asked her help in deciding what to call it. She decided on Realtor Relations Extraordinaire and quickly had cards printed up — even before it was approved. (That’s okay — we loved the name, too!)


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