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Howdy, Neighbor!

Howdy, Neighbor!

March 19, 2021

Congratulations on finding, buying and moving into your new home!

The next step — meeting the neighbors.

For those extroverts out there, that’s not a daunting task — just walk right up and say hello and start talking.

But for those who are a bit more shy, introducing yourself to a stranger isn’t as easy. The nice thing about moving into a new-home community is that everyone is new — and eager to meet their neighbors. With that in mind, here are some easy ways to get to know your neighbors and start what just might be a lovely friendship.

Say hello. A smile, a wave or a friendly hello might be all it takes. If your neighbors see you do that often enough, they will realize you’re a welcoming person and might just make the first move.

Get involved. Getting involved is one of the best ways to meet others. If you have young school-aged children, agree to chaperone a field trip or volunteer for the PTO’s book fair. Parents of older children can join booster clubs. Beyond children, you can see if your neighborhood has any resident clubs where you can discuss books, wine or other similar interests. In Jordan Ranch, one of the most active is The Real Housewives of Jordan Ranch. Never fear, this group is more about building community than wreaking havoc.  

Attend activities. If your community hosts Easter egg hunts, pool parties or other events, make a point to attend. Jordan Ranch residents are lucky because the award-winning Director of Fun plans a busy calendar of events for all ages. Sometimes, people can even get to know others in the community before moving in by attending one or more social events. 

Ask someone to introduce you. If you’ve met one neighbor, ask them to introduce you to others. Your builder sales professional might also be able to introduce you to others they recently helped find a home. Our Director of Fun is often the point person for connecting new residents with others who share common interests or might have children about the same age.

Get outside. You’re not going to meet anyone sitting in your family room. Take the kids to the park. Walk the dog (don’t forget to wave to neighbors you see). Or even just work in your front yard — make yourself accessible so it’s easy for people to say hello and start a conversation.

Lend a hand. There may not be a better way to meet someone than by stepping up when it looks like they might need help.

Borrow a cup of sugar. It may sound a little corny, but if you promise (and fulfill that promise) to return the sugar in the form of cake or cookies, you’ll make an instant friend.

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